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Weekend Function Bookings of 12+ and Week Function Bookings of 20+ must submit this form to secure the event, with guests selecting from the Set Menus.
Please confirm your reservation, including your credit cards details on our online Functions Reservation Form below. 
All online bookings may require up to 24 hour approval, and will be confirmed directly by email or phone.
Please note: In the event your party does not show up as booked and confirmed, there is a $200 charge to your credit card for stock that has been ordered for your booking.


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Conditions: 1) All transactions will be charged upon receipt and confirmation of orders. 2) Invoices will be made available at the time of each transaction. 3) Your details are for the exclusive use of Waterfront Grill to be used solely for authorised transactions only. This submitted information is sent directly by protected email and not stored anywhere. 4) You will advise Waterfront Grill of any changes to the details listed above.